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Secrets of the Platonic Solids Revealed

The Platonic Solids:

As portrayed in Kepler's Mysterium Cosmographicum:

five Platonic solids

The Pythagoreans believed that the Universe and everything in it was constructed using the Platonic solids.  Most modern people would think this notion is just plain silly, and they would be wrong. As it turns out on small scale many molecules are the shapes of the Platonic Solids. On a large scale the Universe itself appears to be constructed using the Platonic Solids. This paper titled Scale Unification by Physicist, Nassim Harramein covers this in detail. The work of Dr. Robert J. Moon of the University of Chicago has demonstrated that even individual atoms contain the geometry of the Platonic Solids.  What does this all mean? I think we all know the answer on a deep inner level.  I believe it means that our universe is a fractal matrix that is scaler from the infinitely large to the infinitely small.

I have know about the Platonic Solids and Sacred Geometry for several years, and  I am still learning about them. Along the way I have had many epiphanys and ah ha monents. One of these monents occurred while watching a video of a presentation by Randall Carlson called
 Fractal Geology and Ice-Age Catastrophe. In the presentation he shows a relationship between the total of the angles on the outside of the Platonic Solids and Precessional numbers.  I took this a few steps further by expresssing the angles in arc minutes and arc second, and then for some unknown reason, I decided to add from 1 to the number of degrees of angles in each Platonic Solid. Then I did the same thing with factors of ten of the same numbes.  You would think, this would result in unassociated numbers, which is not the case. The following are the results.

Tetrahedron = Fire, Add the angles in the four surfaces and get 720 Degrees. 720 is 2 circles, which make the Vesica Piscis. Add 1-72, 1-720, 1-7200, 1-72000 and get 2628, 25960, 25923600, 2592036000. Continue to infinity and the first 5 numbers remain 25920. As it turns out 25920 is the number of years in Precession or what Plato called the Great year. There are also 25920 parts to the day in the Hebrew Calendar System.  Multiply by the special Masonic number 33.3333333333 x 25920 = 864000, is the diameter of the Sun in Miles. Remove one zero and get 86400 the number of seconds in a day. 72000 is the speed our solar system is moving in Km per hour. It take 72 years for Precession to change by 1 degree. 72 is the number of the names of God and the number of faces of God. There are 72 degrees between each of the point of a pentagram. There are 72 Fallen angels in the Bible or did it really mean to say angles.

Octahedron = Air, Add the angles of the eight sides and get 1440 Degrees.  144 is a very significant number. There are 1440 minutes in a day(60 x 24 = 1440), there are 144000 to be saved in revelations, There are 12 hours on the face of a clock and 12 signs of the Zodiac. 12 squared = 144. 144 is a Fibonacchi number and therefore has a relationship the PHI(The Golden Ratio). There are 144000 days in a Mayan calendar cycle of a Baktun.  If we add 1-144, 1-1440, 1-14400, we get 10440, 1037520, 103687200. It so happens in a Pathagoean Triangle with 2 sides being 72, if we apply the Pathagoean Theorem (72 x 72) + (72 x 72) = 10368 or the hypotenuse squared.   It is interesting that 9 x 103687200= 9331848/360= 25921.8.  This is significant because the Mayan, Egyptian, and Babylonian calendars had a 360 day year, so 9331848 is the number of days in the Great year of Precession. 9331848 x 10 is a close approximation to the average distance of the Sun from the Earth. 10368 is 2/5 of the Precessional Cycle.

Cube = Earth. It is interesting to note that in the Book of Revelations in the Bible discribes the New Jerusalem as being a cube.  Following the same procedure above.  Total surface angles = 2160.  2160 is the number of years in a Zodiac Age.  2160 is the diameter of the Moon in miles. 216 Feet is height of the wall for New Jerusalem described in the book of revelations.  6 x 6 x 6 = 216. Total 1-36 = 666. 2160 is 1/12 of the Great Year, just as we have 12 hours on the face of a clock and twelve signs of the Zodiac. Add 1-2160, 1-21600 and get 2333880 and 233290800 x4 = 9331632, again we get the number of days in the Great year or rather 2332908 is 1/4 of the Great year in Days.

Icosahedron Total Number of angle in surface is 3600.  Add 1:36, 1:360, 1:3,600, 1:36,000 and get 666, 6498, 6481800, 648018000.  6480 is 1/4 of 25920. there are 64 glyphs to the Iching, there are 64 codons of DNA in the Human Gnome. 64 is a Binary number used in computing. It was not that long ago that we had computers with memory of 64, 128, 256, 512 megabites.  and finally there are 6480 degrees of the total angles of the surface of the Dodecahedron.

Dodecahedron = Aether(Universe) The Dodeca is the Mother of the all the other platonic solids. Metatron who was also Enoch is said to have constructed Metatron's Cube from his soul. It is called a cube becase it resembles a hyper-cube.  Metatron's cube can be derived from the flower of life and is a nesting of all of the platonic solids inside of a Dodecahedron.

There are 6480 degrees in the surface of the Dodeca. There are 64800 Sq Arc Degrees in the surface of a sphere.  As we said before, this is 1/4 of the precessional number 25920.  This is tied to the Mayan Calendar system in a rather odd way.  The Mayan's had several Calendars.  One of the Calendars had years of 360 days.  December 21, 2012 marks the end of a 13 Baktun cycle.  A Baktun is 400 years of 360 days so 13 x 400 = 5200 years x 5 = a total Precessional cycle of 26000 years(of 360 days each).  That is a total of 65 Baktuns. Now divide 6480/6500 = .996923077 x 26000 = 25920  so it is that the ratio of 64.8 to 65 is the same as 25920 to 26000.  so 4 x 6480 = 25920 =  648/650 x 26000.
Since the Dodeca is the king daddy lets divde the total of the other platonic solids by 6480
720/6480 = .1111111111, 1440/6480 = .22222222222222, 2160/6480 = .333333333333333, 3600/6480 = .555555555555 and 6480/6480 = 1

Now let's look at the degrees of angles in the platonic solids in terms of arc seconds and arc minutes.

Degrees        Arc Minutes       Arc Seconds
720                  43200              2592000   Sun Radius, Precession
1440                86400              5184000   Sun Diameter, 1/5 Precession or 13 Baktun
2160                129600            7776000   1/2 precession, 777 is number of God
3600                216000            12960000 Zodiac age, Diameter of moon, 1/2 precession
6480                388800            23328000 # of days in 1/24 precession,Number of days in 1/4 precession

3600 is # of Arc Sec in # 1, 7200 is # of arc seconds in the # 2, 14400 is number of Arc Sec in 4, 21600 is the number of Arc Seconds in 6, and 64800 is the number of arc secs in 18.  1 x 2 x 4 x 6 x 18 = 864.  Again 864 is the base number for the diameter of the sun.

If we square our number we get;

720     518400       5184 is 1/4 Precession
1440   2073600     20726 = 4 x 5184 or 4/5 of precession, this was beginning of current 13 Baktun Cycle
2160   4665600     divide by 360 = 12960 or half of precession
3600   12960000  12960 is half of precession
6480   41990400  divide by 360 x 8 = 933120 1/10 days of precession

The fractallity of these number is a beautiful thing.  It is amazing to me that in these number we find the origin of our own clock and calendar, how we have mapped the Earth and the Sky, the speed of our solar system through space, the diameter of the Sun and Moon and there is much much more. 

The numbers of the Platonic Solids were and are considered Sacred. Althought it is not secret if you are seeking to understand. In ancient time Numbers and Letters were expressed in the same way.  That is to say letters were numbers. Believe it or not these systems still exist in our modern Alphabets and is known as Gematria.  In western language A-Z = 1-26  Remember above, we found the base numbers for the platonic solids in 1, 2, 4, 6 an 18 or A, B, D, F, and R.  Our modern grading system seems to resemble A, B, D, F except what about C. As it turns out 3 in arc seconds is the # 10800, and 1080 is half of a zodiac age and is the radius of the Moon, so C fits the sequence.

Other interesting number are 26, which is Z or the Omega in Greek. It is the end of the Alphabet and 26000 Years is the end and beginning of the Precessional Cycle.  26 expressed in arc seconds is 93600.  It is no coincidence that 9360000 is the actual number of days in the precessional cycle according to the Mayan Calendar System. 400 x 65 = 26000 years of 360 days, thus 360 x 26000 = 9360000. Now to get the Mayan Precessional period in our years 9360000/365.2422 = 25626.83 years.  The use of the # 400 by the Mayans is interesting because, the diameter of the Sun is 400 times that of the Moon. 2160 x 400 = 864000.

Now Consider 24 or X expressed in arc secs is 86400 or the number of Seconds in a 24 hour day.  864000 is also diameter of the Sun. 22 is V in arc seconds is 79200. Take away one Zero and get 7920 or the Diameter of the Earth. In "The Davinci Code" by Dan Brown I learned that V is male and the inverted V is Female. It is interesting that we find the stamp of male domination tied to Mother Earth, Gaea, and Goddess Sophia. So in 6 or F we find Diameter of the Moon of 2160, and 24 or X we find the Sun 864000 and V The Earths diameter of 7920.  In old prints one might See SVN meaning SUN.  It is no mistake.  It is the Sun moving about the V(Earth). Of course the Sun does not move about the Earth, but this was the belief 400 years ago.

It seems to me that there is structured order in the Universe, indicating that there must be some kind of higher intellegence at work.  I am sure that I am equally pissing-off Atheist and Religious persons. Sorry, I am just calling it like I see it.  So with in this Fractal matrix of reality, we find ourselves like fish in a fishbowl. Unfortunately we are poisoning the water in the bowl and the clock is ticking.  We need more of the little fishys to wake up. The age of the Pisces Fishys is over and the Age of Aquarius is dawning. We all need to change our minds or rather shift our consciousness away from the self and the ego towards a unified Humanity.  Metanoia is the original Greek word used in the Bible said to Mean "Repentance". In Psychology it means "the process of experiencing a psychotic "break down" and subsequent, positive psychological re-building or "healing".  This is what needs to happen to humanity as a whole.  The numbers that are found in the Platonic Solids, show us a direct numerical relationship between Precession, time, the Earth, Moon and Sun.  If you take the time to study these things, you will be stuck with awe. You will understand that your life does have a purpose, that reality is planned.  You may even have a psychotic break and realize everything you believed was true is false.  Your mind will change, and you will awaken.


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    3 x 1 x 4 x 1 x 5 x 9 x 2 x 6 x 5 x 4 = 12960
    It should be 32400, 129600.
    Perhaps you deliberately delete it for coincide-purpose?

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